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About Us
Improving Your Life

Hello, my name is Socrates Castillo along with Cristina Rodriguez, we are the owners of Improving NY Homes Inc. 

We pride ourselves on our industry experience to provide you with quality service at affordable rates. We offer you prompt and reliable service using high quality materials and standards. 

We aim to provide high-quality craftsmanship and professional services, going above and beyond to deliver outstanding results.

We started our company back in 2004 with the goal of putting our experience to good use. We’ve been operating for over 18 years and we have over 25 years of contracting work. We serve the tri-state area ( serving New York, New Jersey & Connecticut )

...Our mission is to provide high-quality craftsmanship and professional services, going above and beyond to deliver outstanding results.

our process

Normally we meet in person to talk about the project, suggest materials, showcase our portfolio and provide a timeframe of completion

Provide estimates

We provide an estimate on the entire cost of the project with a projected timeline. Projects are normally split into 3 payments. Initial deposit, halfway milestone  and completion.


After client signs contract, we begin working on the project. 

We accept cash and checks at this time

Completed projects
Satisfied customers
Years of experience
Mercedes Serrano

It is a privilege to highly recommend Improving NY Homes Inc. He did a nice and beautiful work for me in the State of Florida. I’ve met this gentleman for almost 25 years. He is a responsible and reliable person. I am satisfied with the work he has done for me in my house. If anyone wants to contact me. I will be more than happy to help.

Rafy Morillo

Con esta persona te puedo asegurar que recibes buen servicio, buen precio, responsabilidad y garantia en todo su trabajo. Puedo decirlo porque fui de los
primeros en recibirlo, buscale y no te arrepentiras.

Ruben Del Castillo
Credit & Notary Services

For over 2 years, I have worked with Improving NY Homes, is a growing construction company, which works on projects, big and small. I have a positive experience with Improving NY Homes, they work with both high quality and basic materials for Construction projects, like our kitchen and back yard entrance. I am willing to compare with the finished work, I am sure there are many others as well, but this company is very personal and a lot of knowledge, where the final touch is very elegant. Their people from top management to our job regular workers we are all fully invested in our vision for every project. We were especially grateful for the way Mr. Socrates and his team helped us value with great communication Spanish and English on various pieces of the project to get us in under budget.